How to write apa citation for wikipedia

Title of article in sentence case.

How do i reference wikipedia in APA format for a term paper?

University of Chicago Press, Comprehensive Meta-Analysis Version 2 [Computer software]. Citeor follow the "Cite this page" link in the toolbox on the left of the page in the article you wish to cite.

Accessed August 10, Plagiarism is using the words, thoughts, or ideas of someone else without giving credit. Retrieved 5 November Using italics, as in the examples above, is preferred, but underlining is still acceptable. Its call number is Reference BF This is not to be confused with the date you retrieved it.

For example, if you are writing an essay on The Role of Antibiotics in Control of TB, you should make your heading something like this: If the party to which you are submitting your paper is particularly strict, you might want to find out if they have their own adaptation of Turabian that would apply in this case.

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This lets the URL include a unique identifier such that you can tie your reference back to the exact version of the article you are referencing. The library has one copy of the Manual in the Ready Reference section on the second floor of the library.

Here is an example: However, its usage is more prevalent in the following subjects: Journal sources — links to library searches, online databases, and other venues to locate a journal article by title, or identifier such as DOI or PMID. This format reflects Rule Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

The Effect of Antibiotics on the Human Body 1. In the reference list, capitalize the first letter of every main word of a journal, magazine or newspaper title. The above steps can be easily done using any word processor like Microsoft Word. The Effect of Antibiotics on the Human Body If you want to add further subheadings to the subheading, you should do it with Arab numerals 1,2, 3 and so on.

Citation Styles

One Wikipedia article defines association as "the relationship between things" "Relativity". The "in-text citations" tab above shows you how to include a note in the text of your paper when you use a source. APA's capitalization rules for titles can be confusing!

Q:How do we give an in-text citation for a wikipedia article in a research paper?

In the reference list, capitalize the first letter of every main word of a journal, magazine or newspaper title. For book and article titles, capitalize only the first letter of the first word of the title, the first word of its subtitle (if it has one), and any proper names.

When you write academic papers you will need to give credit to the works you have consulted to support your argument. Because academic papers often require a lot of citations, you can use a citation management tool to make keeping track of your sources easier!

This guide includes information on APA style citations. With three, four, and five authors, you will cite all of the authors at first subsequent mention you will abbreviate to just the first surname followed by et al. For example, the first time Rasmussen, Hopkins, and Fitzpatrick () is used, the source is cited like this.

The citation, which will be in parentheses, will have the title of the page or article in quotations.

How to Cite Wikipedia in Text

In place of the published date the common practice is to use n.d., which stands for no date. To put an in-text citation for Wikipedia in APA, you would use the following format: ("Title of article," n.d.).

APA Web Site Citation Web sites do not include subscription databases. Examples are not double-spaced, but your References list should be double-spaced. Create a reference list formatted in any citation style (APA, MLA, etc.) Insert citations into the text as you write your paper; Share reference lists with classmates or other scholars; For RefWorks Legacy, you may be prompted for the St.

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