Retained facial foreign body following trauma in a child

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Foreign Bodies in Facial Trauma-Report of 3 Cases

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Multiple personality disorder

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BIRTH TRAUMA, CLAUSTROPHOBIA AND LSD THERAPY: The re-living of traumatic first year experiences under the influence of LSD, and their relation to phobic reactions in adults; with special reference to the association between birth trauma and claustrophobia.

CT in penetrating craniocervical injury by wooden foreign bodies: reminder of a pitfall. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. ; Google Scholar, Medline: 8. Ochiai, H, Yamakawa, Y, Fukushima, T, Yamada, H. Neuroimaging of a wooden foreign body retained for 5 months in the temporalis muscle following penetrating trauma with a.

Dec 08,  · Introduction Patients with skin and soft tissue wounds commonly present to the emergency department (ED) for evaluation and treatment.

Essential in the evaluation of these wounds is a careful assessment for retained foreign bodies (FB), as they are frequently missed on initial evaluation. The middle ear is separated from the external ear canal by the eardrum, and this is the location of nerves involved with hearing.

It is a relatively closed space and anything that increases pressure in the middle ear will cause pain.

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Penetrating orbital trauma is common, and clinical evidence of deep injury may be subtle; the injury may appear deceptively superficial. Orbital abscess formation in the setting of a retained foreign body after penetrating orbital trauma has been well documented.

Retained foreign bodies following penetrating trauma may pose a difficult diagnostic problem. The presence of a foreign body should be considered in any wound that continues to have purulent drainage, develops a chronic draining sinus, or when purulent drainage from an abscess yields sterile cultures.

Retained facial foreign body following trauma in a child
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Birth Trauma , Claustrophobia and LSD Therapy by Dr. Frank Lake